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Technique Tip Tuesday – Ribs and ABs

Think of it this way: Your Frontal Ribs and Abdominals are good friends.  Your abdominal cavity attaches onto the the ribs.


Kris, Pilates of Charleston client demonstrates incorrect and correct versions of rib cage connection to abdominals. Notice how the top picture illustrates “popped” ribs.

Pilates Principle!

Fact! If you can breathe using your Ribs and Lungs to breathe while you perform your Pilates exercises at Pilates of Charleston, your abdominals will be more fully engaged and your body will be able to sustain the Pilates exercise for a much longer period of time.

But! It is important to know that finding your rib cage and abdominal connection is just as beneficial not only when you’re lying on your back, but when you are in plank, sitting, standing, weight lifting, stretching or just living your daily life!

Kris, a really wonderful client of Pilates of Charleston shows us another common Pilates exercise to show you how fundamental it is for you to understand and educate yourself in finding your neutral rib cage position.


Shoulder Bridge: Notice how Kris is emphasizing the lower back curve in the bottom picture, in comparison to her finding her rib cage and abdominal connection in the top image which is the correct version of this Pilates exercise.

Make sure you sign up for class below so that your Pilates and Fitness Instructors at Pilates of Charleston can keep you and your body checking in on those small details that could change the way you workout anywhere!

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