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Technique Tip Tuesday – Lunges

Technique Tip Tuesday is here again!

This week is all about the Lunge.  At Pilates of Charleston, we as your Pilates and Fitness Instructors are on a continuing mission to keep you and your basics in perfect form! The Lunge forms part of the basic fundamental movements in fitness.

So.  Why do we Lunge?  – Simple answer: It trains the biggest part of your leg,  The Quadriceps and Hamstrings. It trains your stabilizers. Stabilizers = Balance. Balance is necessary for everyday walking. Period.  Its as simple as that.

There are many different kinds of lunges. Forward Lunges; backward lunges; and sideward lunges. For the most part Forward and Backward Lunges have the same form and technique tips apart from the obvious that either you are stepping forward or backwards in space.  Side Lunges has a slightly different approach – but more on the side lunge at a later date.

Lets take a look at Lunge form in the photo below.

One of our Favorite Private clients’ Lyn,  was kind enough to allow us, at Pilates of Charleston to use her magnificent body to demonstrate the correct and incorrect form for a Lunge.  (Lyn is standing on a Pilates reformer at Pilates of Charleston.  Please note: standing on the reformer to demonstrate the Lunge is for the sole purpose of this image only.)



  1. Step forward normal stride.
  2. Find your Balance.
  3. Drop your back knee towards the ground.
  4. Keep a strict upright posture.


  1. Do not allow front knee cap to surpass front toes.
  2. Do not distribute your weight onto front foot. Keep body weight equal on both feet.
  3. Do not let your back drop and hunch forward.

REMEMBER! Your body weight should be equally distributed through both legs in a forward or backward Lunge.

If you are still feeling slightly insecure about your lunge, or any other fundamental fitness exercise, feel free to catch any one of our Pilates and Fitness instructors at the studio before or after class to ask your questions at no charge at all!  We want you to feel confident when you work out.

Get to class now!



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