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Schedule Your Group Classes

Ready to schedule a group class? Choose from a class listed on the schedule below. Pilates of Charleston uses MindBody as our main scheduling software. If you do not already have a MindBody account, you will be prompted to create one before signing up*. 

*We require all new clients who have had past surgeries, injuries or are currently pregnant to attend at least 3 private sessions with Pilates of Charleston before considering and participating safely in group classes. This allows our instructors to have the opportunity to evaluate you as a client and make sure you can safely participate in group classes.

You are not Alone

Sticking to your workout routine is hard. Start great friendships and get encouragement from working out with a great group. Keep motivated by the areas premier instructors.

Group Reformer Classes are Full Body

Our group reformer classes tend to move quickly and are a full 50 minutes. We combine the classical Pilates fundamentals with a more athletic and contemporary approach that brings you a well rounded, full-body workout.

Group Class Sizes are Small

Our group classes have a maximum number of 8 participants per class. That means you get the attention you need to make your workout effective! At Pilates of Charleston, we also pride ourselves in keeping classes feeling new and varied. There’s nothing worse than being able to predict what you’re going to do and how you’re going to start. So, we make sure you don’t.

See the Results

Although one class is better than nothing, three times a week is really the magic number here! When you come three or even four times a week, you will see noticeable results!