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Single Group Class


  • This is a great option to try out a single class for the first time or if you cannot commit to a class package.

*classes must be used within 30 days of purchase date

Four Class Pack


  • This class package gives you a small discount and is ideal for those coming about once a week.

*classes must be used within 30 days of the first scheduled class

Eight Class Pack


  • Get our best group class rate with this package. Ideal for multiple times a week.

*classes must be used within 30 days of the first scheduled class

Trained to train You.

We don’t mess around. Pilates of Charleston only works with Charleston’s premier instructors. Our instructors have hundreds of hours of training under their belts and thousands of hours of teaching experience.

You are not Alone

Sticking to your workout routine is hard. Start great friendships and get encouragement from working out with a great group. Keep motivated by the areas premier instructors.

Group Class Sizes are Small

Our group classes have a maximum number of 8 participants per class.  That means you get the attention you need to make your workout effective! At Pilates of Charleston, we also pride ourselves in keeping classes feeling new and varied.  There’s nothing worse than being able to predict what you’re going to do and how you’re going to start.  So, we make sure you don’t.

Group Reformer Classes are Full Body

Our group reformer classes tend to move quickly and are a full 50 minutes.  We combine the classical Pilates fundamentals with a more athletic and contemporary approach that brings you a well rounded, full-body workout. 

See the Results

Although one class is better than nothing, three times a week is really the magic number here!  When you come three or even four times a week, you will see noticeable results!

Already know what package you want?

What will I experience in your group classes?

All group classes are conducted on Balanced Body Allegro 2 Reformers and make use of a wide array or props and accessories, including Jump Boards, resistance bands, magic circles, boxes and handheld weights.  It is FULL BODY!  Each person is responsible for their own reformer and must change their own springs, grab straps, etc in a group reformer class.

Why do you offer a Single Class if the other options offer such value?

Single Group Classes are great for those who cannot commit to coming to four or eight more classes in a month. It is a great option for those visiting from out of town or for those with unpredictable schedules and cannot commit to a package.

Do you have a cancellation Policy?

Yes we do. We have a 24-Hour Cancellation Policy. We require at least 24 hours prior notice if you have to cancel or reschedule your session. We simply can not make any exceptions for this policy.  If you do not give 24 hours of notice, you will lose your class.  Or you will be charged if for some reason you have not yet paid for your class.

How long do I have to use a Class Pack?

All classes of the Four and Eight Class Pack must be used within 30 days.  Your first scheduled class sets the activation date for your class pack.  This means that the time clock doesn’t start ticking until the date of your first scheduled class.

I’ve never done Pilates Before! Should I try a Single Group Class?

For those who have never done Pilates before, we highly recommend coming in for a private session FIRST. Group classes tend to move quickly and because we have clients manage their reformers and change their own springs, etc., it can feel a bit overwhelming if you’ve never done Pilates, let along been on a reformer before.  So, although we don’t require clients to complete a private session first, we highly urge you to take advantage of one so that you can go over some of the Pilates fundamentals, and get more acquainted with the reformer before putting yourself in a group class setting.  We have a great option for you (take a look here) if you would like to take a couple private sessions first.