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Create The Perfect Morning Routine

Whether you’re an early riser or a “five more minutes” kind of person, having a habitual morning routine could be what your day is missing. Now, if you’re worrying that you don’t have one, don’t worry. Sometimes having “no routine”, could be your thing! However the instructors at Pilates of Charleston can’t stress enough how beneficial a morning routine has been to them.  It could be a stretch, it could be a 5 minute meditation, or a cup of tea, but regardless, setting up a consistent ritual each morning, can help you start the day off right.  We each have varying versions but we wanted to share some of our favorites that are too good to keep to ourselves. Try one or all of the below this week and have your most successful week yet!

Take a Deep Breath: Your alarm goes off and just like that, you’ve been on your phone since the minute you’ve woken up. We like to turn our alarms off and put our cells back on the nightstand. Instead of instantly checking your e-mail or what social media has been up to while you were sleeping, take a couple deep breaths in comfort and ease into your morning. You’ll likely be on your phone in some capacity for a large part of your day, so start your morning phone free and relaxed – you will be amazed at how peaceful the morning becomes when you take that time for yourself!

Wash Your Face: This might seem like a simple daily ritual but we like to switch up our morning cleanser from our nightly cleanser. Splash your face with cold water, as the cold wakes you up and also reduces anxiety and stress.  Try out an exfoliating wash or mask to rid your face with the oils from last nights sleep. Feeling fresh faced and clean is an easy way to feel confident about the day ahead.

Hot Water With Lemon: You’ve probably heard about this health tip in your favorite celebrities routine. Celebrities and nutritionists alike have been swearing by this simple drink forever, but we’ve known about it all along! Add this into your morning routine 15-30 minutes before having breakfast or drinking your cup of joe. Not only is it a boost to your hydration, but it also immensely helps your digestive and immune systems.

Stretch: Once you’re up and moving, try adding in some stretches to start your blood flow and improve your poster for the day. Stretching doesn’t just have to mean touching your toes and shaking your head “yes” and “no”. We like to take a spiky ball – a tennis ball works great too, and roll out the arch of our feet. Not only will you treat yourself to some self reflexology but you can also help improve plantar fasciitis or other feet issues! Want more? Check out one of our stretching classes!

Enjoy Breakfast: Breakfast isn’t considered one of the most important meals for no reason! Having a bite to eat each morning, even if its small, kick starts your metabolism and helps you stay focused for the next couple of hours. Plus, majority of typical breakfast foods are chalk full with amazing benefits. Get your protein in early on with some scrambled eggs or start things off light with a delicious bowl of fruit. We like to start our mornings off with a bowl of granola and pomegranate seeds, yum!

Similar to each of these favorite rituals, taking a Pilates class is our favorite morning routine of all!  All biased aside, enjoying a workout class bright and early is the best way to get some me time in. A Pilates class will not tone and burn some calories, but it also boosts your metabolism and increases blood circulation throughout your body.  Once you’ve gotten the kids to school or have gotten yourself out of bed, reward yourself and your body with a workout! We guarantee that once you’ve added some of these rituals to your morning and end it with a class at Pilates of Charleston, you’ll take on the day filled with energy and positivity!



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