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Free Recipe Friday – Avocado Energy snack

Avocado Energy Snack.

Friends!  As your Pilates Instructors at Pilates of Charleston where health and fitness is our goal, a slice of toast with some avocado on it, is our ultimate energy snack if we’re having a long day of teaching at Pilates of Charleston.  So, this week’s Free Recipe Friday is dedicated to our adoration of this all too familiar, very easy to make snack, as a great source of energy.

Now…To be clear…Our studio, Pilates of Charleston, is in very close proximity to a very special and popular coffee shop in Charleston.  They’re called Collective Coffee Co. and they are located in the Shelmore Village shopping center at 766 S. Shelmore Blvd.  Your instructors are regulars there and one of our favorite things to get is their Avocado Toast.  It is our energy snack to keep us keep YOU moving!  Avocados are delicious and incredibly nutritious.  They are high in healthy fats and contain a good amount of potassium and fiber–all good things to incorporate into your diet of healthy living and fitness.


Photo : Taken of The Collective Co Avocado Toast.

Now, Collective makes a mean Avocado Toast, but you can also makes this energy snack for your Pilates class at home before or after you’ve attended your daily class at Pilates of Charleston!  Here’s our version of Avocado Toast.



1 ripe Avocado

2 slices of your favorite bread, preferably whole grain

A little Olive oil

A pinch of salt and pepper


Mash your ripe avocado until its to your desired consistency.  Stir in a small amount of olive oil.

Toast your slices of bread.

Once bread has been toasted, spread the  avocado mix onto the toasted slices.  Sprinkle a pinch of salt and pepper over the top of the Avocado mix.

Enjoy, guilt free! Because if you’re a Pilates of Charleston client you are either about to burn all those calories away in your upcoming class with your Pilates and Fitness Instructor at Pilates of Charleston or you have just left class and your body is in some serious need to replenish some natural nutrients.

See you at class!

With Peace, love, Spandex…and a side of Avocado Toast!

Your Instructors at Pilates of Charleston!

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