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Technique Tip Tuesday – Planks

Alright, folks.  The dreaded Plank!  Pilates of Charleston Instructors will tell you this over and over again: Plank is the way forward! So, Lets do this! And if you don’t want to do this…get a grip and get used to doing the Plank, because it is the ultimate body firming and conditioning exercise not only in Pilates but in any fitness related class.

The Plank will tone your entire body.  If you do it correctly.  At Pilates of Charleston, we as your Pilates and fitness Instructors are and always will be addicted to getting you and your body into the correct plank position to accommodate all your issues, whether it be wrist or knee issues; lower back or neck problems.

Now lets take a look at Elizel, one of our Lead Pilates and Fitness Instructors at Pilates of Charleston.  In the photo below she demonstrates what the plank should and should not look like:


Elizel, Pilates Instructor at Pilates of Charleston

  • Do bring your feet together.
  • Do fully extend your legs to engage all your leg muscles.
  • Do tighten your Glutes (Butt) and allow your pelvis to be slightly higher then you think!
  • Make sure your Entire back is lengthened out from head to tail bone.
  • Do press your hands or elbows down firmly into the mat, so that your shoulder girdle is stabilized and secure.
  • Do keep your neck lengthened from both behind and infront.
  • Smile – less botox that way :)
  • Don’t roll onto your baby toes!
  • Don’t have “weak” feeling legs.
  • Don’t pitch your hips up or drop your hips too low.  You need to find the “in-between” neutral pelvis.
  • Don’t arch your back to look sexy – its totally NOT!
  • Don’t drop into your shoulders and don’t hyper extend your elbows!
  • Don’t look up and don’t look down at your body – it contorts your cervical vertebrae too much.
  • Don’t be grumpy! You’ve done worse in your life!

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