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Get to Know The Pilates Instructors of Pilates of Charleston!

One of our favorite things about our studio is the intimate atmosphere we are able to create. As a result, we have been able to connect with so many of our clients on both a Pilates and a personal level! As we are growing however, so is our team, and it is our goal to stay connected with our longstanding and new clients….which is why we want to introduce you to – “Get to Know Team Pilates of Charleston”! This segment will give you an inside look into the women behind your classes. We’re talking all things from Pilates (you didn’t think we would skip that did you?!) to favorite foods. Kicking it off this week is Hanna Murrell!  Hanna is our newest member to the team and she has brought such nice energy to the studio.  Her group classes leave you feeling lengthened, nicely tones, and energized.  We hope you love getting to know Hanna and the other pilates instructors at Pilates of Charleston!

Hanna, where are you from? 

I’m from Virginia Beach, VA.

How did you get into Pilates? 

Pilates was used as a form of conditioning for dance back when I was enrolled in TRDance and the Governors School for the Arts in Norfolk, VA.  I remember waking up the day after my first mat class and barely being able to roll out of bed!

If you weren’t a Pilates instructor, what would you be? 

I’m not sure actually! I graduated with a degree in Public Policy and Administration from JMU and ended up in Office Management/Accounting.  It only took a few months for me to realize how much I hated sitting in front of a computer all day… I also have my CPT through NASM, so maybe I’d be a full time personal trainer?

Favorite Pilates exercise? 

Boomerang! It’s an advanced mat move that combines a Rolldown, Rollover, and a Teaser all in one! It takes an incredible amount of mind-body connection, but when it’s done right it’s beautiful to watch (not to mention super challenging)!

What is your favorite thing to do for “me” time? 

Definitely a walk on Sullivan’s Island at dusk.  It’s a gorgeous beach, and makes me feel right at home since my family’s 7 hours away! The salt air and cool breezes instantly put me in a good mood.  Plus it’s a great way to fit a little more exercise in!

Favorite food? 

Honestly, my favorite food of all time is a good cheeseburger! I strive to eat as healthy as I can around my teaching schedule, but I’m a firm believer that allowing yourself to enjoy your favorites every now and then is the key to maintaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle.  Husk has my favorite in town so far, but I’m always open to suggestions!

On that note…favorite restaurant in Charleston? 

Is it actually possible to pick one? Obviously I’ve already mentioned Husk (their bar’s patio is by far my favorite spot), and I love the Obstinate Daughter on Sullivan’s.  My favorite weekday place is Hustle Smoothie Bar.  They have super clean smoothies, and I buy the Blender Bombs so I can make them at home!

Make sure you check out one of Hanna’s classes…maybe you will challenge yourself to the Boomerang or talk about burgers after class. Stay tuned for our next interview to learn more about the your instructor ladies of Pilates of Charleston!



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