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Back To School Special

Back to school baby!  That means it is back to schedules, back to routines, but most importantly, back to YOU!!!  So get yourself back to Pilates!  A little too much summer vacation and margaritas?  No worries…we’ve got your back!  Pilates of Charleston is ready to help whip you back into shape.  We’ll be fat blasting and toning in all of our group classes!  For an extra kick to the rear end, try our Friday morning Jump Board class.  It’s only 45 minutes, but it’s a large dose of cardio.  You’re welcome! 

Seriously though…as you’re getting your little ones ready to start a new year at school, it’s important to get yourself ready too! It can be very easy to get caught in the September craziness between packing lunches and managing carpool lines. However, similar to the importance of that morning routine we talked about last week in our blog, carving out some “you” time where you can come to the studio and take a Pilates class consistently during these next couple of busy weeks, is just as important. That’s why we’re excited to offer you a look into our September Special Promotion! This promo at Pilates of Charleston will run throughout the entire month of September and it is really too sweet of a deal to pass up.  See the deets below!

Back to School Special:

-12 Classes, $270.00 (which means each class is $22.00!)

-Available NOW, and throughout the entire month of September

-Available to purchase online through MINDBODY or at the studio

-You’ll have the whole month of September to complete your 12 classes

-Can’t purchase on September 1? No worries! Just make sure to get your 12 classes in before the month ends

No, you can’t purchase multiple “September Specials”, limited to 1 per person…but please do tell your friends about this sweet deal and tackle the challenge together!

So once you’ve purchased your September Special package, what else could you do to get back to “you” next month? We feel that one of the best ways to live your best life is to lead a balanced and organized lifestyle. The September Special will allow you to stick to a routine, not only benefiting you physically but mentally as well! Another thing we like to incorporate into our back to school routine is meal prepping. Similar to having a set time to work out, establishing a set time during the week to prepare bagged lunches or week night dinners will give you extra “you” time later on during the week. Prepare these meals the night before instead of the morning of so you can have time later on for a relaxing bubble bath or squeezing in an episode of your latest TV show. Another thing we try to incorporate while the kiddos are at school is some self-love. Our favorite, and one of the easiest, is treating yourself to a mani-pedi. In just an hours time you will not only feel clean and polished but more importantly, relaxed and pampered. Taking little moments like these throughout the week along with scheduling a sweat session at Pilates of Charleston will make the weeks breeze by. So don’t forget to purchase your package now! You can fill your school year calendar with a balance of after school activities  for them, and pilates and pampering for you!



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