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New & Now: Clean Beauty & Wellness

Similar to other routines in our lives, our beauty and wellness routine often goes unchanged. However, recently it seems that wellness has reinvented itself and is the new “it” thing. To us, wellness is the balance between both our physical and mental spaces, and the elements we use to achieve that harmony. In order to achieve such balance, we’ve shifted our typical wellness habits to a more “clean” routine. Your skin is your body’s largest organ. It wouldn’t be fair to just fill our tummies with clean foods and tone our muscles with a Pilates of Charleston reformer class…your skin deserves to be treated clean too! We’ve compiled a list of our favorite clean beauty and wellness products and practices for you to add into your wellness scene…enjoy!

Drunk Elephant’s Eye Cream:

Drunk Elephant is one of the Pilates of Charleston team’s favorite skincare line. With an extensive line of products, Drunk Elephant prides itself in creating “clean compatible” products, all of which are made in the United States, for consumers to enjoy. We especially love their Vitamin C eye cream thanks to the glow it gives our under eyes each morning and night. Have an eye cream you’re afraid to cut ties with? Double check that it contains Vitamin C as one of its main ingredients like this one, as Vitamin C both brightens the skin and encourages collagen production.

Bioderma’s Micellar Water:

Micellar Water is the cool, new kid in town when it comes to makeup removers. With a combination of purified water and hydrating ingredients like glycerin and surfactants, micellar water acts as a magnet to dirt and oils and gently removes the makeup from your skin. We love this French drug store favorite for its clean ingredients and ultra calming formula, allowing even the most sensitive skin types to feel soothed.

Tom’s Coconut Antiperspirant:

Switching over to clean beauty and wellness products doesn’t happen overnight. However, if there is one switch you make on this list, let it be this one. Antiperspirant is something that we use multiple times a day, everyday. Recent health research has looked at the high levels of aluminum found in our deodorants and its possible correlation to some diseases including Alzheimer’s and breast cancer. Of course a direct correlation to the two has not been exclusively proven but hey, if you can eliminate your risk factor why not make the switch. This one from Tom’s smells amazing and also features an antiperspirant principle, something that most natural deodorants lack.

A Trip to Shepherd Dermatology:

Just like other routines, it’s important to take a break from the day to day and treat yourself…your skin care routine should be no different. Our friend Amy Jetter at Sheperd Dermatology is a botox expert. We like to be open and honest about our treatments because frankly, there’s no reason not to be! Botox is an FDA clinically proven treatment that helps moderate fine lines while staying true to your appearance. So treat yourself to a session with Amy and let her know that the ladies of Pilates of Charleston sent you.

A Spa Day at Ella Ora:

Another one of our favorite treat yourself days includes a spa day at Ella Ora Skin Therapy Clinic. Located a stones throw away from Pilates of Charleston, we love walking over to visit Kristin and Brooke for an epic facial.  You have not lived until you have had a facial here!  Ella Ora carries amazing lines like MBR and Dr. Barbara Sturm, ensuring that your skin will get the million dollar treatment during any service there.

We know that changing up your habits can be scary. We encourage you to start small and see the difference clean beauty and wellness products can have for yourselves! Similar to the latest diets and workouts, wellness and skincare trends are ever-changing. Stay current and do your research so that your body, your mind, and your skin are always feeling strong.



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