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Group Reformer Class Etiquette

So you’ve signed up for your first or four hundredth Pilates of Charleston class… We can’t wait to sweat it out with you and have you target muscle groups you didn’t even know you had. However, let’s talk about some Pilates group reformer class etiquette!  Whether you are a first timer or a regular, there are some basic class do’s and don’ts that are not only applicable to our studio, but almost any fitness studio nationwide. We’ve seen it all, from wardrobe malfunctions to never-ending phone calls.  So, get on your Pilates instructor’s good side by following some simple group class etiquette skills.   

Show Up On Time!

Treat your workout class like any other important meeting or appointment you might have! This rule is especially relevant for our first timers. If you’re visiting us for the first time, give yourself at least 5 to 10 minutes to introduce yourself, get acclimated, and tell your instructor about any injuries or hesitations you might have about the class. If you’re not a Pilates of Charleston virgin, you’re not off the hook! Your instructor might not appear to be mad if you stroll in once we’ve started class but, trust us, you’re throwing us and the rest of your classmates off!

Turn Your Cell-Phone Off, or Even Better…Leave it in the Car!

Your workout class should be a moment for yourself. If you’re like us, you lead a hectic life and our cellphone often complicates that. Let your workout class be a form of relaxation and retreat from your daily life. Ditch the cellphone and eliminate distracting yourself or the rest of the class.

Don’t Be Afraid to Speak Up.

We love switching up our Pilates classes and experimenting with new workouts. Sometimes however, those might not be for you and we totally get that. Whether you have an injury or a  sensitivity, we can work with you. Please let your instructor know if you’re not feeling a certain exercise and we will be happy to give you a modification. Additionally, if you need help with any machinery – switching the foot bar, adjusting the reformer for your height, or a caught strap, let us know! We are happy to not only help out, but show you how the equipment works for your next class.

Don’t Chew Gum, Do Bring Water.

Leave the gum chewing for pre or post class. Choking is a serious risk while working out on your back so please, save yourself and us a trip to the hospital! Also, if you are someone who likes to stay hydrated during their workout please note that while we offer a water fountain in our studio, it is best to fill your water bottle before class or bring your own.

Know The Cancellation Policy.

The best way to sign up for our classes is online. Not only will you receive an e-mail confirming your spot in class, but you will also see a notice regarding our cancellation policy. Every studio has one, and they are not all the same. However, early cancel is 24 hours in advance. This rule runs nationwide and is adhered to by almost all Pilates studios so plan accordingly!

Let Your Instructor Know if You Need to Leave Early.

Another major distraction is leaving class early without any warning. That does not mean let your instructor know as the rest of the class is struggling to hold plank! Instead, show up a couple minutes early to let your teacher know that you need to head out during the last couple minutes of class. This allows you to discreetly sneak out and keep the flow and focus of the class strong. However, we do encourage all of our clients to try to stay the full 50 minutes of class. We end each of our sessions with a series of stretching, allowing you to catch your breath and give special attention to the muscles we just worked.

Respect Others Time.

Because our studio is intimate and our Pilates community is starting to grow, we ask that you please acknowledge whether or not a private session is taking place before your class time. If a private session is commencing, we kindly ask that you either wait outside on our bench or grab a coffee at our neighbors, Second State Coffee. An Instructor will invite you in ASAP. If there is no session happening than please, come in and make yourself comfortable.

Lastly, Be Positive!

One thing that makes our studio so unique, is its intimate setting. Your energy radiates throughout the class session so please, come to class ready to work and encourage others! Pilates can be tough! If it’s any comfort, your classmates are feeling the same exact burn. Be the classmate you would want to be around by staying positive and trying to do your best. Nothing makes us happier when we see our clients smiling through the pain and cheering on their reformer neighbors.



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