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Jump On It, Jump board Class

Ever thought about adding some cardio to your pilates workout? A jump board class is a great place to start, and our jump class at Pilates of Charleston will have you hooked to the sweat building workout in no time. Let’s face it, a reformer can be an intimating machine to begin with, so we understand that adding a jump board to the equation might be even scarier. However, like our other classes at the studio, our jump board class is for all levels and always has the option to be modified, making both novice and veteran clients feel strong and confident. We’re here to break down all the basics and benefits of our jump board class, and we’re sure that by the end of this blog, you’ll be securing a spot in this week’s sweat session.

What is the jump board class?

The jump board is an accessory that is added to the end of our regular reformers.  The footbar lowers down and the jump board inserts right where it was (see picture above).  It provides a large platform for you to push off from.  Our jump board classes 45 min and are more cardio focused than our typical reformer class. Jump-board classes work at lengthening our muscles and enhancing their endurance.

What To Expect:

Low-impact cardio moves! We will have you jumping in all different directions on the reformer – on your back, side, all fours and on your knees.  We often couple jumping exercises on the reformer with some sporadic off-the-reformer calisthenics, for example squats, shuffle steps, push ups.  This helps to keep the heart rate elevated, and maintain the cardio aspect of the class.  

Sweat! Unlike a typical reformer class, our sweat glands are turned on a little bit faster due to those low-impact cardio moves. Don’t sweat the sweat! We encourage you to stop, grab a sip of water, and catch your breath whenever needed. You’ll be jumping back into it in no time.

A killer ab workout as well! The rebound nature of the jump-board allows your muscles to act as if they were pilates springs themselves. You’ll feel your abdominals engage especially as you’re on your back jumping on a light spring because you’ll have more suspension time in the air, forcing those core stabilizers to work into over drive.   


Health Benefits:

Cardio Vascular: Elevating our heart rates kick starts all of our bodily systems including the lymphatic system. As you start jumping under the springs resistance in class, you’ll also start ridding your body of toxins, waste, and other unwanted materials that get stored up in our bodies while we stay still. So skip on the lymphatic drainage massage, and get the same benefits while being active!

Healthy Skin: It all comes back to sweat! As discussed before, you’ll find yourself building up a sweat in this class. However, something you might not have thought about is how great sweating is for the appearance of our skin! When we sweat, we rid our skin with toxins and is often the force behind that “post-workout glow”. If you like what you see, you can keep that glow going by stopping by our friends over at Ella Ora, see details below! They are about a 30 second walk from our studio and can be sure to keep your skin bright and toxin free!

Ella Ora

724 S Shelmore Blvd Suite 100 Mount Pleasant SC


What You Need To Bring:

An open mind! Steering-out of your comfort zone can be scary, but that’s what makes tackling new things that much more rewarding. Everyone’s wellness journey has to start somewhere, if you don’t try not only will you never know, but you will never have room for improvement.

Your energy. Our classes consist of eight reformers. Our intimate setting means that your energy can sway the class easily! Bring a positive force to class with you and inspire others around you to keep jumping!

Jump-board classes are typically offered on Friday mornings by Katie. However, don’t be alarmed if you see a jump-board sneak into your regular group reformer! We love to switch things up and keep our clients on their toes. Have more questions? Stop by the studio or sign up for a class and jump to it!



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