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Make Pilates the Tradition in your Life

Welcome to Pilates of Charleston!  We are located in Shelmore Village, in beautiful Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

716 South Shelmore Blvd. Suite 100, Mt Pleasant, SC 29464


As Charleston’s Premier Pilates Studio, we are proud to bring you professional Pilates instruction provided by the Charleston area’s most respected and sought after Pilates instructors.  Many of our clients have been coming to our Pilates studio for years.  Some make it the tradition for their weekly exercise routine and we love to hear that!

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Many new clients visit us, get hooked, and then become a permanent fixture of the studio.  This builds such a great sense of community and you might say that we have a Pilates family here at Pilates of Charleston. 

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Our Pilates instructors are phenomenal people and some of the very best instructors in the Charleston area.  Each one of them has a strong background and certification in Classical Pilates as well as years of teaching experience.  With their infectious attitude, encouragement and love for Pilates, it’s hard not to get hooked! Let us become the tradition in your weekly workout routine!

5 Reasons Pilates will make your life Better!

  1. No More Stress! OK… well at least help to shed that unneeded stress from your life!  Apparatus based Pilates (reformer) has grown in popularity and one of those is based on how it makes you feel!  We know that after a full body workout, we feel stress free!  Well, it is true…
  2. Beautiful Arms  Any traditional workout in the gym will leave you with huge bulky muscles… Have you ever wondered how ballerinas get such a graceful look… you got it!  Pilates
  3. Fuss Free Workout  Don’t you love going to the gym and fighting with everyone else for the one elliptical machine in there… and did the last person wipe it down?  and when was that cleaned last?  Yikes!  Time to try your first Pilates class and join a small motivated group in a supportive environment.
  4. Stay in Shape Oh… Did we forget this part!  Pilates will not only get you in the best shape of your life, but keep you there.
  5. How’s your Posture?  Sitting at a desk all day or carrying the kids around does a number on your back!  Although Barre and classical workout routines help get you looking better, they do nothing to align your body and provide preventative measures agains injury!  Your body will thank you for protecting it!  Free from back pain!
  6. (Here’s a bonus!) Recover If you don’t use it, you will loose it… But what if you’ve already lost it?  Did you know that many doctors prescribe PILATES to those who have sustained injury?  Although medication will help alleviate the pain, it doesn’t fix the root of the problem.  Pilates might be the cure you are looking for.

What’s the tradition a pilates studio brings in your life?  Try Pilates of Charleston today!



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