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Pilates of Charleston Location


If you want to find our location for class, or are simply interested in taking a peak at our new location, here are some directions on how to find Pilates of Charleston.

720 South Shelmore Blvd. Suite 102, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464 (843) 801-3095

Pilates of Charleston is now located in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina in the beautiful Shelmore Village Shops.  While driving, on Highway 17 (Johnnie Dodds Blvd.) turn onto South Shelmore Blvd. in the direction of Mathis Ferry Road (driving from Downtown Charleston, that would be a left turn).  Pass the first 4-way intersection and merge right onto the right turning lane.  Take a right turn into the Shelmore Village.  You will see a park on your left, immediately after which take a left into the parking area for the Shelmore Village.  At the next possible turn, take a right and keep going straight to Pilates of Charleston.