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Pilates in Charleston

In Charleston, SC, there are over 15 Pilates studios offering mat, reformer and other apparatus classes… That is a lot of choice for anyone and it can be overwhelming when it comes to picking one of those studios.  So how to make a decision?  We feel that choosing the best Pilates studio comes down to three things:

Price - Instructor Expertise - Studio Atmosphere

Isn’t the saying “you get what you pay for?”  So does that really mean that you have to pay more to get more?  That is something that certainly needs to be looked into…  Because at Pilates of Charleston, we take the approach that  you should be rewarded for wanting to be in good shape, which is why our rates are half that of any other studio in the area… In fact, we haven’t heard of any studio with better rates than at Pilates of Charleston.  Here is what we want you to do…  Google the Pilates Studios in the area… CLICK HERE. and see if you can find group reformer classes that are less than $15.00-$18.00 a class.


When it comes to experience, Pilates of Charleston is over 8 years old and Employs Charleston’s most experienced instructors.  In fact, we share instructors with other studios in the area… why would you pay $30.00 at one studio when you can get the same experience at our studio for half the price?


Pilates of Charleston recently moved to the Shelmore Village in Mount Pleasant in order to update our facility.  Take a look at the pictures on our website… You decide if this is a beautiful studio.  Plus, work out on the best equipment around, Stott Pilates Reformers.


As you can see, we are pretty sure that you will be surprised at what you can get at Pilates of Charleston…  Here is our recommendation;  try us out and try out other studios in the area… Then you decide.